2e année | Semestre 4
Option : Analytical and Biological Chemistry 6 ECTS

Chemistry probes for bioimaging

Tags : Bioimaging, chemical probes, fonctionalizing
Référence :
Responsable(s) :
Bich Thuy Doan
Chercheur CNRS
Durée du cours : 21 h
Durée TP : 2 h
Modalités d'évaluation :
written examination
Descriptif du cours :

The field of medical imaging has become a real specialty and cutting-edge research is perfectly adapted to the activities of university and industrial laboratories. The development of this discipline is closely linked to the active development of new probes to target or probe pathological biological tissues in order to establish a quantitative diagnosis. This diagnosis is evaluated in vitro, in vivo in preclinical to clinical studies and associated with industrial production.
The following fields of imaging will be covered by chemists or biophysicists: Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance, Nuclear Medicine, Optics, Nanoparticle Agents, Theranostics Probes (imaging + drug). In addition, molecular and physico-chemical characteristics will be represented.
Finally, some in vivo biological applications for the detection of cancer, inflammation and the impact of treatment will illustrate the interest in the diagnosis and therapy of functionalized probes.

Objectifs d'apprentissage :

The student is familiar with all commercial imaging probes used in bioimaging as well as their in vitro and in vivo applications in the biomedical or medical field.
It includes their operating principles, and the biophysical or biochemical principles of their operation.
In the case of molecular probes, he can propose innovative solutions to develop them and explain how functionalized probes can be developed.

Pré-requis : at least bachelor degree in physical chemistry and molecular chemistry

Langue(s) : EN