2e année | Semestre 4
Option : Analytical and Biological Chemistry 6 ECTS

Basic concepts of cellular biology

Tags : Cell biology, Microbiology, Toxicology
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Durée du cours : 24 h
Durée TD : 4 h
Modalités d'évaluation :
written examination
Descriptif du cours :

This course teaches the basic knowledge on cell structure, physiology, microbiology, protein biochemistry and toxicology.
The structure and physiology of typical living cells will be presented, in order to clarify the shared features and the differences between bacteria, yeasts, microalgae, archaea, vegetal cells, mammal cells. Industrial applications are discussed.
The lectures will also present the basic principles and the applications of instrumental and molecular methods used for the analysis of biomolecules.
A focus will be made on toxicology. This starts with the knowledge of the basic biological mechanisms involved when a toxic (toxin, medicine, etc…) is absorbed by the organism.

Objectifs d'apprentissage :

At the end of this introductory course, the student must know the basics of cellular structures, physiology and microbiology.
The students understands the physiology and the exchange of matter and energy within a cell.
He knows the biochemical effects of the toxicological properties of proteins.
He is aware of the importance of biology at the interface of the physical and chemical sciences and understands the challenges and role of life in industrial applications: biotechnologies aimed at producing chemical components, fuels and bio-sourced materials, cosmetic industries in search of « natural, sustainable and safe » ingredients, environmental protection through the development of non-toxic and biodegradable substances, corrosion phenomena.

Pré-requis : bachelor level in chemistry

Langue(s) : EN