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Low dimensional superconducting hybrids for novel quantum functionalities

Thursday October 14, at 3 PM, LPEM welcomes COST meeting “ »Low dimensional superconducting hybrids for novel quantum functionalities »
Speakers list
15:00  Simon Bending Superconducting quantum interference in twisted Van der Waals heterostructures 

15:25 Alexander Mel’nikov Inverse Faraday Effect for Superconducting Condensates 

15:50 Jens Wiebe Topological gaps and precursors of Majorana modes in artificial Shiba chains 
16:15 Alexander Zyuzin Preformed cooper pairs in flat band semimetals 

16:40 Itsuhiro Kakeya Mutual synchronization of non-linear Josephson oscillations mediated by superconducting plasmons of cuprate superconductors 

17:05 Konstantin Arutyunov Quantum fluctuations in quasi-one-dimensional superconductor
The seminars will be also broadcasted at Amphi Holweck at ESPCI, building C, 1st floor.
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14 octobre
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15 h 00 - 17 h 30
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