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Acoustic signature of hydrodynamics events

Juliette Pierre (Institut Jean Le Rond D’Alembert)

Gas-liquid systems are ubiquitous in industrial, food, biological or geophysical contexts. The popping noise of a bursting bubble, the crackle sounds of ageing foams, the whistling of nucleating water, the fizzing of champagne, the drumming of rain and the thud of degassing volcano magmas evidence the radiation of sound by these violent interfacial hydrodynamic events. 

Such events evolve according to various processes occurring at several different length scales and over several different time scales. 

In many of these out-of-equilibrium systems, conventional fast optical imaging method does not follow very high dynamics or get through opaque samples. 

In this presentation I will present our recent investigations about the spatio-temporal acoustical signature of violent hydrodynamic events. By combining the use of acoustic sensors, theoretical and numerical modeling, we aim to monitor and characterise these violent events and elucidate the physical mechanisms at play in their existence and their evolution.

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