Focus on the EELISA pioneers : Laura Trapiella, academic representative at the Governing Board of EELISA

21 octobre 2022

Our report on the EELISA pioneers continues with Laura Trapiella, associate professor and academic representative at the Governing Board of EELISA. She is currently associate professor in analytical chemistry at Chimie ParisTech – PSL and representative at the Board of Studies.

Before joining the School in 2019, she was involved in several postdoctoral projects dealing with nanomaterials and microdevices for the diagnosis and treatment of different diseases (cancer, preeclampsia). Thanks to her involvement in the School, she volunteered to be PSL academic representative in EELISA. Then, among the 9 academics representatives she was chosen to be part of the Governing Board of EELISA which gathers Rectors, Directors or President of EELISA members.

  • What is EELISA for you?

As academic and researcher EELISA is the convincement and the shared vision to build up a European High Education Level Program to arm the next generation of students with transversal, multicultural, multidisciplinary competences to face real societal challenges. Our aim is to provide students with a global formation promoting the understanding of a problem from different points of view, being able to discuss and collaborate with people from other disciplines. In this way EELISA represents the opportunity to practice the Learning by Research pedagogic approach; pushing the exchanges and creating networks inside the EELISA Alliance (through the mobilities, the communities, INNOCORE); having a close relationship with the real work by interaction with the industrials (UNFOLDS) to define the future attractive profiles as well as participating as hosts to receive students during their formation.

  • Which is your implication in the EELISA Alliance in 3 words

I’m the PSL academic & researcher representative and I’m the representative of all academics & researchers of the Alliance at the Governing Board instance.

  • What do you take from this experience?

Personally, be involved in the construction of a European University is an amazing and exciting experience that makes me grow up professionally and expand my vision of the High Education. Can share experiences and practices with other colleagues, collective thinking and looking for the best options to contribute on the design of new formations programs replying to the current/future needs of our society is something that reaffirm my passion for the Education and Research.

  • EELISA in + 4 years: how do you see it?

Once the structuration of the Alliance is established the next milestone and very important step towards the consolidation of EELISA Alliance is the creation of the joint study programs with the fingerprint of EELISA motivations. Hopefully during the next 4 years we will see arise such European High Education Level Programs and we will receive students/teachers/researchers from the Alliance sharing experiences and enriching the knowledges and teaching-research practices.