Mobility at Chimie ParisTech


Enjoy your stay at Chimie ParisTech for study or internship mobilities!

Study with us

Chimie ParisTech is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to students around the globe.What you need to know:If you’re considering becoming an international student at Chimie ParisTech there are a few considerations to take into account :

  • All our courses are in French. Depending on where you earned previous degrees, we may ask you to submit test scores showing your level of French proficiency.
  • Application Deadlines : The study program at Chimie ParisTech begin in September, you must ensure that the application form get to Chimie ParisTech before May 31th of the year concerned. 
 We will welcome you for a short stay at Chimie ParisTech:


•   To study during the 2nd year of engineering : You may come for the 2nd semester (Jan-March) to study and then do a traineeship up to 5 months

•  To study during the 3rd  year of engineering : You may come for the 1st semester (September-January) to study and then do a 6-month traineeship.   Keep in mind that it is possible for you to mix and match courses from 2nd and 3rd year if you wish!



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Application process

Contact the international or Erasmus office from your university. Then apply via the university registration website before 31st May.

Results will be given mid-June.


Become an intern

Whether you would like to include your traineeship with a mobility of study or not, send your CV and a cover letter to before 31st May. Do not forget to mention the lab you would like to work with. Their English pages are available here:

Results will be given mid-June.



Be aware that any traineeship, which lasts more than 2 months, have to be paid. This is the French law and it enable you to cope with your work. The International Office will ensure that the research lab can host you.