The third year offers many opportunities depending on the aspirations of the future graduates.
An academic stay period can be undertaken by students who want to study in another program in France or abroad.
They can also stay at the school and choose either a research (Master’s) or engineering program.

Academic stay periods

Academic stay periods can be for a minimum of one semester in a school abroad, with or without a diploma. They can also mean following a program in other engineering schools who are part of the Gay Lussac Federation, a dual-degree in engineering or a Master’s in Science for which the student has to leave the school (location and time constraints).

Engineering students who are interested in a stay period during their third year must apply to the Department of Studies during their second year; they will have to justify their request by presenting their project to a jury.

National or international academic stay periods are not granted to students who have joined the school in the 2nd year of the engineering cycle. They can still complete their graduating project abroad.

Engineering and research programs at Chimie ParisTech

All students attending the school during their 3rd year follow a common core of management, communication and entrepreneurship.

The Engineering program is primarily intended for students who want to start a career in the school’s main business areas. Courses are applied and oriented towards industrialization and technological innovation.

The Research program offers students to follow a Master’s program from the school that is compatible with their schedule and internship constraints.

However, choosing one over the other does not restrict a student’s possibilities after school. The engineering degree is worth a Master’s degree and fulfills the requirements to apply for a PhD.

The syllabus

  • Modules


A world without CO2?

Addtional course

Additionnal foreign language(s)


Applied microbiology and industrial bioprocesses


Biotechnologies and biological drugs

Management, Innovation and Consulting

Consulting and Strategic Analysis

Cosmetology for engineers



Drugs : from design to patient

Engineering end-of-study project

Engineering end-of-study project


Entrepreuneur ship, professional project

Green chemistry and Ecodesign

From ecodesign to recycling