EELISA (European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance) is one of the 41 European universities funded by the European Union's Erasmus+ program.

It aims to bring engineering to the European level, to deploy the citizenship capacities of all students through Communities, to promote inclusion and diversity through, for example, apprenticeships and a stronger connection with the non-academic world.

Research and innovation provide a strong basis for the development of sustainable partnerships between participants.

Université PSL with Chimie ParisTech - PSL and MINES ParisTech - PSL are all three EELISA stakeholders alongside Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and 7 other European institutions.

The European engineer and engineering education

Thanks to EELISA, students will have increased opportunities for mobility or double degrees in order to enrich their studies. This will be gradually introduced from 2021, but opportunities already exist via Erasmus to come or go.

Students can already get to know some of EELISA's partners through ATHENS !

EELISA will also provide opportunities for teachers and teacher-researchers to adapt, transform and create training courses.

Gradually, other courses (Masters, Doctorate, Bachelor) will benefit from this work.

The school is the leader in this field with PSL and Ecole des Ponts ParisTech.

EELISA communities

EELISA communities are diverse centres where education, research, work experience and societal challenges are mixed. They will bring together (virtually) students, teachers and researchers from all the universities involved with prestigious professionals, field organisations, private companies, public authorities, etc. to meet challenges.

The challenges will be :

  • Proposed by students and professors through processes of in-depth reflection
  • Extract from the SDG and European Green Deal agendas
  • Offered by third organisations, private companies, local institutions, etc.

Communities will propose activities to address the challenges they have chosen to meet.

An european campus

The exchange of good practice and common objectives related to student support will make all our campuses an EELISA campus. The improvement of the processes of reception and mobility monitoring will be a key element for the success of the campus. Students and staff will be able to visit an EELISA partner as easily as they could visit another campus at their home university.

This work has already started within PSL with the Welcome Desk and the school's specific International Relations actions and will continue with EELISA in order to have a "mobility desk".

MINES ParisTech - PSL is the leader in this area with PSL.

Facilitating research collaborations

Although EELISA is mainly oriented towards training, a second stage is being prepared and concerns Research. It is a matter of encouraging collaboration by, for example :

  • Sharing access to equipment thanks to a common agenda
  • Building the capacity of schools to help communities submit projects
  • Defining common themes to work on

The participants

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