In 2017, the structural metallurgy team of the Chimie Paris Research Institute (IRCP) and the Biotech Dental company materialized their collaboration with a labcom.

Located in Salon-de-Provence, this company is a leading French player in the field of healthcare and now one of the leaders in the dental implantology market. This partnership perpetuates the collaborative work already undertaken with them.

Development of innovative medical devices for dental implantology

This cooperative project revolves not only around the resolution of short-term scientific issues aimed at improving the properties of the products currently marketed by the company, but also on development work that is more sustainable and places real value on fundamental research.

This last component is based on a logic of technological breakthrough fully based on innovation and focuses on different themes such as the development of strategies of original thermomechanical treatments (materials with gradient properties) or the creation and optimization of a new family of titanium alloys with improved biocompatibility.

To support these ambitious activities, a researcher and a PhD student, both of whom are Biotech Dental employees, are seconded full-time in Chimie Paris’ laboratories in which they benefit from a human and material environment that is conducive to excellent scientific productivity in regards to the requirements of the medical field.

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