The spirit of innovation and the sense of entrepreneurship are part of Chimie ParisTech’s DNA. The school has strong ties with the industry: they are expressed both in research activities and throughout the academic program.
For the last 120 years, the school has been training chemical engineers with a keen sense of innovation while conducting cutting-edge research in conjunction with leading companies and leading research organizations.

Sponsoring a class

Each class is sponsored by a leading chemical company; class of 2019 is sponsored by Agilent, class of 2020 by PCAS and Arkema sponsors class of 2021.

Sponsoring a class is the opportunity to establish close ties with students and to promote the activities and values ​​of your company to future engineers who will become the executives of tomorrow. For the students of Chimie ParisTech, this is an opportunity to grow their professional project and build their network.

Throughout the 3-year engineering cycle, you accompany these students and make them discover the culture of your company and its trades. Several events are organized in order to make this partnership a reality: conferences, workshops, round tables, job interview simulations, visits to industrial sites, participation in the graduation day, etc.

Participating in the Development Board

The goal of the Development Board (of which companies and manufacturers like EDF, Veolia, L’Oréal, Saint-Gobain, Total, Roche and Eramet are members) is to make sure that the training provided at the School is in line with the needs of the industry in terms of knowledge and skills. The idea is that the training is closely in line with the developments in the world of chemistry. Please feel free to contact us if your company is interested.

Setting up a public-private research organization

A large part of the research done at the school is done with a strong interaction with the industrial world, which allows it to register its research work in a partnership model of valorization in the long term. There are several opportunities offered to companies: teaching and research chairs; joint research laboratories, not to mention theses under CIFRE conventions.

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Calling upon Chimie ParisTech’s associations

An entrepreneurial spirit is instilled in engineering students throughout their studies, particularly through learning formats that focus on the project mode, but also the involvement of industrial stakeholders in training. Student programs include regular contacts with companies: their curriculum is punctuated by internships, speeches by industrials at seminars, industry/student round tables and workshops and visits to factories and R&D centers (L’ORÉAL, BASF, RHODIA AREVA, EDF, CEA, SAINT-GOBAIN, ISOVER, MICHELIN, etc.).

Students are also encouraged to join associations and participate in humanitarian and societal projects in order to develop a taste for entrepreneurship. They have created and manage ParisTech’s junior-enterprise, which is a cutting-edge theoretical education with real-life applications. The quality of the work is guaranteed by the J.E. label and the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises.

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