Athens Network

Chimie ParisTech welcomes students in the ATHENS program. Created in 1996, this program regroups 15 high-level European scientific and technological universities and 9 major ParisTech schools, including Chimie ParisTech. Its objective is to promote the exchange of students, teachers and researchers between the major European university centers.

For one week in November, the school and its partners offer the opportunity for students to follow courses provided by professors from the academic sector and experts from the industrial world in the fields of medicine and cosmetics.



The 2018 program

In 2018, Chimie ParisTech offered two courses:

Drugs (in English)

  • Strategies for Drug Discovery: New paradigms in Oncology & eADMET properties optimization. Perspectives – Laurent SCHIO (SANOFI)
  • From research laboratory to industrial batches – Jean-Marc PARIS
  • Oligonucleotides as therapeutic drugs – Pascal BIGEY
  • The role of medicinal chemistry in drug discovery. Pharmaceutical research – François CLERC (SANOFI)
  • Contribution of immunology to the development of innovative diagnostic techniques –  Dominique BELLET (Paris Descartes University)
  • Regulatory Issues – Adrien INOUBLI (ANSM)
  • Biotechnology input in human medicine – Jean-Hugues TROUVIN (Paris Descartes University)
  • Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs): The best of two worlds? – Hervé BOUCHARD
  • From the development to the marketing of a drug – Nelly EL-SHAFEY
  • RNA interference: siRNA – Pascal BIGEY
  • Development of drug formulation processes – Vincent BOUDY (Paris Descartes University)
  • Importance of the knowledge of drug metabolism in the choice of molecules for development – Daniel MANSUY (Paris Descartes University)
  • Quality control – Ivan COHEN-TANUGI (Kuros Biosciences)

Cosmetics (in French)

  • Hair – Structure and properties: from Science to Product - Nawel BAGHDADLI (L’OREAL Research & Innovation)
  • CHIMEX site visit - Industrial applications of biotechnologies for the production of cosmetic ingredients
  • Sensory and Cosmetics – Anne-Marie PENSÉ-LHÉRITIER (School of Industrial Biology)
  • Reconstructed Skin and Predictive Models for Cosmetics – Fabien GIRARD (L’OREAL Research & Innovation)
  • Molecular impact of solar radiation: from DNA to skin cancer – Laurent MARROT (L’OREAL Research & Innovation)
  • Dermatology: from the stage to the backstage – Delphine KEROB (GALDERMA INTERNATIONAL)
  • Cosmetic Active Ingredients: from concept to design – Richard LEROUX (SEDERMA)
  • The alchemy of perfume: science and techniques of the modern perfume industry - Grégory BONNET (International Flavors & Fragrances)

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