Located in the heart of Paris in the Latin Quarter, near the Luxembourg Gardens, the Pantheon and Mouffetard Street, Chimie ParisTech enjoys a special environment.

Student life: a dimension of the program

Located in the heart of Paris in the Latin Quarter, near the Luxembourg Gardens, the Pantheon and Mouffetard Street, Chimie ParisTech enjoys a special environment. Surrounded by many prestigious institutions, the school enjoys a rich and intense student and intellectual life. Indeed, prestigious universities, historical monuments and specialized bookstores are all contributing to the fame of the Latin Quarter and make it a popular place for students.

With over 450 engineering, Master’s and PhD students in the school, student life is an important dimension of the program. Chimie ParisTech is a place full of life where the school’s associations and clubs organize weekly events and undertake ambitious humanitarian, business and science popularization projects, to name a few. The school’s management team strongly supports and encourages all these actions that help forge responsible engineers and scientists who are accustomed to working in groups and leading projects.

Each year, in order to support these initiatives, Chimie ParisTech gives out endowments to associations and supports associative projects that contribute to the development and diversity of student life through the Solidarity and Development Fund of Student Initiatives (FSDIE in French).

This fund not only funds projects, but can also provide social assistance to students in need, upon review by the FSDIE committee and for up to 30% of its funds.