Chimie Pékin is a French-Chinese Institute that trains Chinese engineers “the French way”.

The BUCT-Paris Curie Engineering School is the result of a partnership between Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) and a consortium of schools that are part of the Fédération Gay-Lussac (FGL). It is coordinated by Chimie ParisTech. It opened in September 2017 on the BUCT University in Beijing brand new campus of Changping.

The French touch in engineering

Initially, Chimie Pékin students follow a three-year preparatory program in French and Mandarin. They receive a science education given by associate professors (in mathematics, physics and chemistry).

Students begin the engineering program in their 4th year, during which they have to choose one of the following specialties:

  • Materials sciences
  • Chemical engineering
  • Bioengineering

The engineering program meets both the criteria for the award of a Chinese Master’s degree from BUCT and the title of engineer in France (once accredited by the CTI). It also has an international and multicultural dimension. Indeed, nearly 30% of science classes are in French with, as a bonus for some, a study period or an internship in France. Teaching is done in Mandarin and some classes are taught in English.

An opportunity for our students

The engineering cycle will open in September 2020. It should host Chimie ParisTech students for stay periods as part of their curriculum.