Institut franco chinois

Along with IFCEN, the Sun Yat-sen University (80 km south of Canton) trains specialists by following the examples of French engineering schools. The goal is to meet the growing needs of the Chinese nuclear industry. Initially, the IFCEN project was led by the industry: AREVA, EDF, Bureau Veritas and CGN in China. But in 2009, a consortium of universities was created in France, which included Chimie ParisTech, the Ecole des Mines in Nantes, the Ecole de Chimie in Montpellier, the INSTN and Grenoble INP.

The Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) in Canton is one of the best Chinese universities in the region and is located where most of the country’s nuclear power plants are built.

IFCEN’s website (in Mandarin)

A program of excellence for Chinese nuclear engineers

After 5 months of intensive French learning, students begin their 3-year preparatory cycle, which is not unlike preparatory classes found in French engineering schools. Students begin the engineering curriculum in their 4th year.  The curriculum was accredited by the CTI in 2015 and can accommodate between 110 and 120 students.

In parallel, the Chinese Ministry of Education requires that students submit a bachelor’s dissertation at the end of their 4th year and another at the end of their 6th year for their degree to be recognized in China.

Chimie ParisTech teachers contribute to the education of these students in China. Thus, 5 courses are taught onsite every year by different teams.

An opportunity for Chimie ParisTech students

In 2019, the school set up a specific program with IFCEN for the engineering cycle. 2nd year students can take courses at IFCEN during the 2nd semester and do their internship through this “nuclear option at IFCEN”.