The internships of the engineering curriculum

The curriculum of the engineering cycle includes 3 compulsory internships:

  • A one to two-month company discovery internship (worker internship) in the 1st year: July-August.
  • A five-month internship in the 2nd year: April - August.
  • A 6-month internship in the 3rd year: February - July

Internship offers, apprenticeship offers

You can post an internship, thesis, VIE or apprenticeship offer on Chimie ParisTech’s Career Centre by using the online form.

Students have the option to do their 2nd and 3rd year in an apprenticeship as part of a professionalization contract To learn more

To learn more

Recruiting a graduate

The school receives nearly 450 job offers a year for its newly graduated students.

You have a job offer?

Please visit the career center of Chimie ParisTech’s Alumni Association


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