Thanks to the collaboration of the Ile-de-France Region and funding from the European community, Chimie ParisTech - PSL has had a complete organization since 2017 that is focused on the creation of Chimie Paris Innov companies.

Chimie Paris Innov: creating a place of innovation

The approach is based on the school network, its scientific platforms and the laboratories’ research dynamics. The goal of incubator team is to support ambitious and innovative projects in the field of chemistry as well as to boost the implementation of collaborative projects, development between start-ups, industrialists and academic laboratories. Chimie Paris Innov must enable the development of new structured partnerships between Chimie ParisTech - PSL and innovative players in the world of chemistry.

The incubator also relies on the University Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) and is in contact with other incubators in order to offer interested companies a wide range of support.

Thanks to already established partnerships, particularly with Agilent, the incubator offers access to technological equipment and analytical platforms to support the development of innovative companies.

Start-up companies hosted at Chimie Paristech - PSL

AZA Battery

In the field of energy, Zinc-Air batteries undoubtedly have enormous potential with huge commercial opportunities and areas of application. In the field of stationary energy, Zinc-Air batteries are thus excellent candidates to replace lead batteries, but also the famous lithium batteries. They are inexpensive and safe, because they work in water.

Aza Battery is developing new systems by improving all components (bi-functional air electrodes, separating membrane and zinc electrode).

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Created in 2014, Feroscan specializes in the development of new, more targeted cytotoxic molecules with a totally innovative mode of action. Today, the start-up is focusing on two cancers with adverse prognoses: triple negative breast cancers and ovarian cancers.

ENERGO: Energy/CO2 Methanation

Energo is developing a new reactor technology for converting carbon dioxide into methane (methanation). The applications of this technology range from the valorization of carbon dioxide captured at emitting sites to the transformation of gas from solid waste and the storage of excess electricity from renewable energy (power-to-gas).

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Founded in 2016, WooDoo is developing wood substitution technologies in many applications. Raw wood contains between 60 and 90% of air: WooDoo explores the natural porosity of wood and reconstructs the plant’s structure at the molecular level by relying exclusively on green and sustainable processes. The recipient of numerous awards, including the i-lab award from the Ministry of Higher Education for Research and Innovation, WooDoo’s ambition is to play an active role in the implementation of ever more innovative materials.

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