UMR 9006

Jean François Guillemoles

Assistant Director
Christophe Bonelli

30 Route Départementale 128
91120 Palaiseau

Structure de rattachement : CNRS ; Chimie ParisTech - PSL; Ecole Polytechnique ; EDF ; TOTAL ; AIRLIQUIDE ; IPVF-SAS

The UMR IPVF is part of the Photovoltaic Institute of Ile de France, one of the Institutes of Energy Transition (ITE) selected by the Investment Plan for the Future.

It is an object-oriented research organization for photovoltaic (PV) applications. Its role in the ITE IPVF is to bring fundamental research to the core competencies of this field and to be at the origin of innovations on the analytical techniques, processes and devices that are relevant for the development of photovoltaic energy.

Research themes

Technologies, Materials and Interfaces for Photovoltaics 

Manager: Philip Schulz

Photoelectron spectroscopy; Synchrotron; Perovskite hybrids; ALD, Sputtering; PVD; Organometals; solutions chemistry; chalcogenides.

Modeling, characterization and new concepts for photovoltaics

Modelling: Jean François Guillemoles

Ultimate photovoltaic conversion efficiency; Operando methods; ab initio modeling of materials; luminescence imaging; hyperspectral imaging, TR-FLIM; Fluorophores.

PhD schools