Multidisciplinary research laboratories at the heart of excellence

Its founder, Charles Friedel, wanted future chemical entrepreneurs to be trained in contact with research while in college. Chimie ParisTech therefore hosts a research center that is active and recognized. Their fields range from the chemistry and physical chemistry of materials and surfaces, to process engineering, molecular chemistry, biochemistry, physicochemical solutions, analytical sciences and modeling.

Conscious of having to avoid any dispersion in a context of strong international competition, the school has focused its areas of activity on the sectors of energy, functional materials, in-silico design, medicinal chemistry and chemistry for the living. Chimie ParisTech also aims to highlight the strong technological aspect of its activities, which represents a major asset for education.

The school has around one hundred permanent researchers and teacher researchers across its 3 laboratories, about a third of which are members of the CNRS.


Researchers and teacher researchers are organized across 3 laboratories in co-supervision with the CNRS

The IRCP and the iCLeHS are located at rue Pierre et Marie Curie, at the school, while the IPVF is in Palaiseau.

The school’s research teams are members of numerous national and international research and instrumentation networks. For example, some Chimie ParisTech researchers participate in the activities of the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute, which brings together teams around a transdisciplinary theme, such as microfluidics.

Another example is the activities of New AGLAE, a particle accelerator that is unique in the world and dedicated exclusively to the study of heritage objects.