In-depth study of the chemistry fields

The second year presents chemistry’s different fields of application: materials, polymers, biochemistry, energy).
During the second semester, lessons become more advanced: five options are offered, several of which are taught in English and one in exchange with the ESPCI.
Management courses focus on business life and operation.

Students have the option to take a gap year at the end of their 2nd year

The innovation project

Students work on a group innovation project throughout the year. This project is submitted by a client (company or laboratory). The project is divided into three phases: inspiration, proposal, realization. During the first semester, they write out the specifications and study current best practices and the relevant literature (scientific, patent, internet). They then develop an innovative proposal and submit it to their steering committee for validation. During the second semester, students make a prototype to prove the feasibility of their proposal.

The syllabus

  • Modules

Optional courses

Additionnal foreign language(s)

Physical chemistry

Analytical physico-chemistry for bioanaysis and environment

Option: molecular chemistry

Asymmetric Synthesis and Retrosynthesis

Optional courses


Analytical and Biological Chemistry - ABC Option

Basic concepts of cellular biology

Option: molecular chemistry

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Materials and processes

Chemical reaction engineering and process safety

Analytical and Biological Chemistry - ABC Option

Chemistry probes for bioimaging

Materials Option

Corrosion (Electrochemical Stability of Materials)

Process Option

Corrosion (Electrochemical Stability of Materials)