The PSL University is made up of higher education institutions from Paris. A student community has been created and mutual initiatives have been put in place for the students’ benefit.

As part of student life, students from PSL member schools can:

  • access all libraries in the network;
  • participate in many cultural activities;
  • access over 70 “à la carte” athletics classes per week;
  • participate in cultural activities

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PSL Union

The PSL Union is the student association dedicated to the development of student life between the Paris Science and Letters institutions. Its members count the elected representatives of the BDEs of each PSL school as well as students who are motivated to participate in the organization of events and the development of inter-school student life.

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Sports Association - PSL

Dedicated to PSL students and staff, the AS-PSL aims to promote, organize and promote the practice of all physical activities and sports; to organize and promote sports activities for all PSL students in the context of university competitions by representing PSL in all university sports events.

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Arts, Science and Culture

A dozen PSL associations are giving the university a rich cultural life with concerts, exhibitions, shows, screenings, parades and conferences. “Going beyond the boundaries between the arts, creating and disseminating knowledge, discovering new horizons” are the objectives of these organizations.

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PSL Orchestra & Chorus

130 instrumentalists and choristers, an eclectic repertoire mixing jazz, gospel and classical: the Symphony Orchestra and choir is central in the life of the PSL campus. They have numerous concerts throughout the year, both in the institutions and internationally. 

Chimie ParisTech students sometimes have the opportunity to meet and hear them, as their rehearsals take place in the library. One can join the PSL Symphony Orchestra and Choir as a spectator or amateur artist.

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