Professional integration

Like it does every year, Chimie ParisTech - PSL has conducted a survey on the professional integration of the class of 2018 (115 graduates), and on the career developments of the classes of 2017 and 2016. (Surveys conducted in March 2019)

Professional status

Class of 2018

Professional status%
Working on their thesis40
Furthering their studies18
Doing volunteer work2
Looking for work5

Class of 2017

Professional status%
Working on their thesis37
Furthering their studies6
Doing volunteer work3

Class of 2016

Professional status%
Working on their thesis34
Furthering their studies7
Doing volunteer work3

Average annual salary (France and Europe)

Class of 2018Class of 2017Class of 2016
Gross annual salary excluding bonuses (in euros)37,40037,80039,500
Gross annual salary including bonuses (in euros)41,00043,40044,000


The graduates of the class of 2018 are employed as R&D engineers, consultants, project managers and production engineers. They work in business sectors that require high-level skills in chemistry, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetology industries. Nevertheless, over 30% of them join engineering firms where they conduct audits.

Areas of activity

Class of 2018

Area of activity%
Consulting, design offices, engineering32
Cosmetic industry22
Pharmaceutical industry14
Public research8
Chemical industry5

Class of 2017

Area of activity%
Consulting, design offices, engineering27
Chemical industry25
Cosmetic industry9
Pharmaceutical industry9
Food industry6
Public research2

Class of 2016

Area of activity%
Consulting, design offices, engineering24
Cosmetic industry17
Chemical industry16
Food industry9
Pharmaceutical industry7
Scientific research and development5