The spirit of innovation and the sense of entrepreneurship are instilled in Chimie ParisTech - PSL’s students throughout their studies, especially through learning formats that focus on the project mode. In addition, the school encourages students to join associations and participate in humanitarian and societal projects in order to develop a taste for entrepreneurship.

Third year entrepreneurship seminars

In addition to taking economics and management courses during their 1st and 2nd year, students also take entrepreneurship courses in their 3rd year. This program is taught in collaboration with the Paris-Dauphine University

Over six days, this team work gives students the opportunity to work on an innovative project, to discover its legal dimensions (industrial property, etc.), to question the needs of their clients, to conduct a market study, to establish their marketing and financial strategy, to develop their relational skills and their ability to communicate. Their deliverable consists in writing and defending a business plan.

Students wishing to work in the field of strategic consulting can follow the Management Innovation Consulting program of the Engineering program.

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The “Chimie Perspectives” junior-enterprise

Managed by a team of engineering students, Chimie Perspectives, Chimie ParisTech - PSL’s junior-enterprise is a cutting-edge theoretical education with real-life applications. The quality of the work is guaranteed by the J.E. label and the National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises. Students are in constant contact with researchers and have access to school resources. Always trying to offer quality programs, Chimie Perspectives is the first Junior-Enterprise to obtain an accreditation from the Research Tax Credit.

Whether they bring a fresh outlook on current challenges, a flexible approach to take them on, or a set of skills to match them, Chimie Perspectives offers a truly special partnership. Its range of skills is very extensive: Organic Synthesis and Biotechnology - Chemical Analysis - Computer Modeling - Study of Materials - Process Research - Technical Translations.

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The Chimie Paris Innov incubator

Chimie ParisTech - PSL has had an incubator since 2017: Chimie Paris Innov. This organization is focused on the creation of companies and is host to innovative start-ups in the field of chemistry. The approach is based on the school network, its scientific platforms and the laboratories’ research dynamics. Chimie Paris Innov promotes the development of new structured partnerships between the school and innovative players in the world of chemistry.

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