Scientific Board

The Scientific Board is an advisory decision-making body which advices the Board of Directors on the orientations to take in research.

Academic Board

The Academic Board (AB) is an advisory body on the rules of procedure.
It is chaired by the Director of Studies and gives its opinion on the curriculum, on the programs’ content, on the coordination of teaching activities and on the students’ working conditions.

Development Board

The goal of the Development Board is to make sure that the training provided at the School is in line with the needs of the industry in terms of knowledge and skills.
This Board is made up of external industrial and academic experts, teachers and student representatives from the Academic Board, the Director of Studies and the Director of Chimie ParisTech - PSL.

Committee on Workplace Health, Safety and Working Conditions

The Committee on Workplace Health, Safety and Working Conditions (CHSCT) is a consultative regulatory body whose purpose is to promote the improvement of health and safety conditions in the institution.

According to article R123-2 of the Construction and housing code, which defines ERPs, Chimie ParisTech - PSL is entitled to welcome the general public as well as students.

The Joint Establishment Committee

The Joint Establishment Committee (JEC) is a consultative regulatory body. It lays the groundwork for the national and academic joint administrative committees for their staff’s careers: engineers, technicians, administrative research and training. It is consulted when individual decisions must be made about said staff (such as for promotions).

The Technical Committee

The Technical Committee (TC) is consulted on all matters or projects related to the institution’s organization and operation, including matters related to human resources. It consists of five members representing the staff and two representatives of the administration: it is a body of social dialogue.