Manager of the Master’s program: Yvette TRAN, ESPCI - PSL


Paris Centre’s Master’s in chemistry is co-accredited by the PSL University (ENS, ESPCI Paris, Chimie ParisTech - PSL) and the Sorbonne University.
Its program is particularly extensive and offers a different approach to chemistry, from the physical interface to the biology interface.
This Master’s has been created to train high-level executives who will be able to join the industrial sector or continue their training by preparing their PhD.

Master 1

The M1 offers three tracks. These tracks - organized by Sorbonne University for the first one - and PSL University for the last two, are the following:

Chemistry and Life Sciences

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Master 2

In M2, the Master offers five tracks and the student can choose many combinations of courses crossing these specialities. These tracks - organized by Sorbonne University for the first four - and PSL University for the last one, are the following :

  • Analytical, physical and theoretical chemistry
  • Molecular chemistry
  • Chemical engineering
  • Chemistry and physicochemistry of materials
  • Chemistry and life sciences

Admission to M2

For the Analytical Chemistry, Physics and Theory, Molecular Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Chemistry and Physicochemistry tracks, students from PSL member institutions (engineering schools, ENS...) or PSL partner institutions (Gay Lussac Federation, international universities) apply in their respective institutions. Other candidates apply directly to the Sorbonne University.

Concerning the M2 Chemistry and Life Sciences M2 curriculum organized by PSL, candidates apply on the PSL platform with the exception of M1 students from Sorbonne University who must apply at their own university.

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student testimonies

Discover the testimonies of our students :

Axel Gomez

Mazzarine Dotou

Ramiro Zapata

Admission to M1 and M2 programs is done with application and interview and requires a validated L3 or M1, respectively, or equivalent for candidates who hold foreign degrees. In addition to registering on the Campus France website, the later must fill out an application with the educational institution.