2nd year | Semester 4
Process Option

Experimental training for flow chemistry

Tags: Flow chemistry, micro-reactor, reaction engineering
Cédric Guyon
Maître de Conférences Chimie Paris Tech
Practical Work: 30 h
Evaluation method:
100% TP
Course outline:

This experimental training is offered as part of the Flow Chemistry option in Chemical Engineering for 2nd year students at school. It takes the form of a practical work course
The teacher will first introduce the different miniaturized reactors and the control system (flow control, temperature control, etc.) for these reactors. Then, the students will realize a flow chemistry set-up with glass micro-reactors, for a parallel reaction system. The concepts of “residence time”, “mixing time” will be presented during the course, and the advantages and drawbacks of the miniaturized reactor will also be discussed.

Learning objectives:

The objective of this teaching unit is to give students practical skills in flow chemistry.
At the end of the course, students will be able to:
– Carry out a continuous flow chemistry set-up
– Characterize the mixing/reaction time in a miniaturized reactor
– Establish the material/energy balances in a reactive system
– Compare different reactors (miniaturized reactor and batch reactor) for a parallel reaction system
– Discuss the advantages and/or drawbacks of the flow chemistry system compared to conventional reactors
– Choose a suitable reactor for a given process

Prerequisites: Chemical Engineering 1&2 year

Teaching language: FR